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How to choose the right bulletproof helmet?

Bulletproof helmet is not bulletproof, it can only prevent fragmentation, rifle bullets can easily penetrate a variety of military bulletproof helmets within the effective range, and it is two eyes. Therefore, it is crucial to choose a helmet with strong protective ability.

1. Helmet type

First, we need to determine what helmet type helmet we need, helmet type refers to the structural form of the helmet, and different structures are in order to better match some auxiliary combat equipment, or to meet the special needs of the wearer in the course of combat. There are currently three main helmet types on the market: Wendy, MICH and FAST.

2. Protection ability

Traditionally, helmets only needed to be protected against flying stones and metal fragments on the battlefield. Therefore, we generally use the V50 value to judge the quality of the helmet’s defense ability. The V50 value means that a hypotenuse cylindrical projectile with a mass of 1.1 grams is used to shoot the helmet at different speeds within a specified distance to achieve a 50% breakdown probability, and the average speed of the fired bullet is the V50 value of the helmet. The higher the V50, the better the bulletproof performance of the helmet.

3. Materials

The environmental conditions required for helmets of different materials are also different in the process of use and preservation. This is also a key consideration when we choose and purchase helmets. At present, the materials used to make bulletproof helmets are mainly PE, Kevlar and bulletproof steel.

4. Tactical guide rail

Now in order to adapt to the needs of diverse use, MICH, FAST helmets can be equipped with tactical rails. After the tactical guide is installed, users can wear night vision, flashlight, camera and other equipment more conveniently according to their needs, which greatly enhances the degree of information, the ability to fight in a variety of environments and the cool degree between small partners.
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Post time: Jan-16-2024